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Just finished a book called “Pilgrimslivet: Stillhet, Skoskav och Sång” with Anna Braw as editor. It’ seems to only be available  in Swedish. It’s a book about hiking but out of a Christian viewpoint but there are other religions present in the book. There’s several writers in this book and it mostly consists of personal stories. Each person writing their own personal story about pilgrimage.

Some stories are about the trail to Santiago de Compostela, which I think is one of the most famous pilgrimage trails in Europe. Other stories are about pilgrimages to the Nidarosdomen, the church of S:t Olof (Swedish), Old Uppsala, in the Egyptian desert between two monasteries and many more. Interspersed with the stories are songs, poems and information concerning different trails.


I really enjoyed this book because of all the personal stories. How the different authors experienced the hikes and also what they got out of them. Sure, it’s all from a religious point of view but every person’s hike is different. Some hike to enjoy nature. Some hike to get closer to God. Some hike to get away from it all. Some hike to expand their comfort zone. Some hike to heal. Some hike just to be present in the moment. All reasons are valid and this book shows quiet many of those reasons.

Some stories were very influenced by religion and others were just about the hike itself. The book is divided into seven parts: Carelessness, Simplicity, Sharing, Freedom, Slowness, Silence and Spirituality. One can choose to read one part or several parts.

The book has given me lots of ideas about where to hike. There’s mentioning of trails up north and just around the corner from me. Some just hiked without following a trail but just for the fun of it and one of those hikes went along the coast where I live. It might not be for everyone but it was definitely worth the read. If nothing else for the beautiful photos, and I’m very tempted to try the bread recipe.

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