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It has been awhile since I last wrote here. Actually, no posts in 2014. Why is that?

Well, there’s several reasons. One, having gone through the experience of a trigger thumb (warning: link comes with gory picture) with the accompanying pain and surgery was quiet over-whelming. Two, flu hit this household just before Xmas. Three, life happened. Life tends to do that and mind get sidetracked which results in stuff getting pushed way back into the mind’s darkest spots. This was one of those things.

But I still got five days to write about from last year. Two weekend hikes involving three nights in total. There’s also my new red backpack I got for Xmas and the old one we finally got reimbursed for just after Xmas. Also some smaller gadgets I bought after the latest hike due to hiking in darkness. Beautiful darkness but still darkness.

There’s also talks about the next hike and then kids wants to do something that involves hiking with mom. Dreams are of hiking for days with several dips in lakes and just being in the moment. That is my youngest daughter’s thoughts. The oldest tends more towards reluctance to hiking that long since the amount of conversation topics might dry up leaving us totally bored of each other. But Summer is months away and Spring is just around the corner. Can’t wait for Spring.

Goal is to start writing here again and get those five days down. Making this blog show my hike as it now is which is from the start at Blåvättnerna to Oskarström, where we ended last year. After that my thumb got worse and hiking was pushed back due to pain. Pain drains the energy out of a person and all one thinks about is that damned pain. Well, pain is gone and thumb is almost back to where it was before this whole ordeal. Life keeps happening and writing is back on.

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- Inaki in "Tell it on the Mountain"

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