Gear part 5

By walking on 2013.12.12 In Gear

Now I wanted to go to the next step of my hiking education. It was time for a sleepover outdoors which meant a lot more gear was needed. My oldest daughter showed up by coincidence with my sleeping pad from my youth and I decided that could be used for my new experience. It’s just a regular old foam sleeping pad about 3 cm thick.

Apart from that I also needed.

  1. Tent
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Cooking possibilities
  4. More food
  5. Eating thingamajigs
  6. Water cleaning product
  7. A bigger backpack

It was the movie “Tell it on the Mountain” that made me realize I could do this. Hiker buddy decided he should come along both because he enjoyed the day hike we did together and to keep better track of me after the last incident.

After having tried to read up about these things online we visited Naturkompaniet. The personnel there are very helpful and answered all our questions. Something we noticed this time around is that Naturkompaniet has about the same price range as XXL or Stadium when it comes to the more expensive things.

After a lot of digging around on the net and in real-life stores we found what we wanted. The tent (Everest Adv Light 2 S12) and my sleeping bag (Haglöfs Slumber Q 2S) we bought on sale at Stadium. The tent we chose because of the low weight and price. It had gotten mixed reviews on different forums but it seemed like a good one for low-country hiking such as Hallandsleden. The sleeping bag I had been recommended at Naturkompaniet but they didn’t have it in stock when we were there. Besides Stadium had it for 50% off when we got there later the same day.

The kitchen we found dirty cheap at XXL. It is a really simple kitchen but we only wanted something to boil water in for us two. Eating thingamajigs we both bought at Naturkompaniet (spork) and plastic mugs from our picknick cupboard at home.

Food, the water cleaning product and some extra gear for hiker buddy we bought at Addnature. The water cleaning product  is a Platypus product and goes with my hydration pack, I got for an earlier day hike. When it came to food we took the easy route this time with prepackaged meals and coffee bags. Bit of a cheat but this was our first time out hiking for a whole weekend. We took a selection to try from Blå band, Mountain House and Growers Cup. Something that surprised us was how the Mountain House products could go from almost uneatable Chili con Carne to good Chicken Korma. Apart from things for me hiker buddy got a sleeping pad, a thing to convert pad into a chair and beef jerky.

The backpack I also found on sale for a really cheap price at Pulsport. This was the one buy I would have regret a bit later but at least not during this coming weekend hike. It’s from Oregon and 50L. The backpack is alright and mainly it’s the hip belt I got problems with. After a few hiking days it broke and we made a reclamation to the store. First I was going to get a new belt fastener but after a week it was changed to a new backpack. Now it’s 2 months later and we still haven’t gotten a new backpack.

The plan was for me to start on a Friday morning at Gällarpesjön and meet up with hiker buddy at Åkulla Friluftsgård. Then to arrive at Vessigebro on Sunday afternoon after having walked almost 3 legs of the trail. I couldn’t wait to get started on this experience.

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