Tell it on the Mountain

By walking on 2013.10.03 In Inspiration

Inspiration is found everywhere. This time I found it in the documentary “Tell it on the Mountain“. Found information about it and saw the trailer. Fortunately it got the option of downloading as digital which worked great. Could see the extras same evening and saved the full documentary till the next evening.

This documentary has a different twist than most others I’ve found on YouTube about thru-hiking. Here they both interview the hikers at different stages along the hike but the hikers also have their own cameras with them. Thus we get to find out how silly one gets when exhausted. How amazing it is to run into a fellow hiker on top of a pass. But also see how scared and freightend some parts can be.

I’ve seen the movie about three times now and everytime I see something new. First time was before a sleepover hike we did and second time after. Suddenly we saw it from a totally different viewpoint since then we had the experience of sleeping outside. Sure, I might be a real green beginner but this whole experience of learning new things and getting to use other peoples’ experiences to make mine better is great.

Several of the participants in the documentary have blogs, websites, wikipedia entries or articles written about them:
Sauerkraut and Alina – website; PCT journal 2006; PCT journal 2008;
Billygoat – The trail is his destination
Scott – Wikipedia
Jackalope & Eagle Eye –PCT journal 2006
Inaki – website

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LIFE is about PASSION, otherwise it is worthless.
- Inaki in "Tell it on the Mountain"

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