Gear part 4

By walking on 2013.10.01 In Gear

After the latest hike I decided three things would be nice to get.
1. A water system kept inside the backpack instead of my regular loose water bottles.
2. Wool socks to keep feet as dry as possible and to have a second pair of hiking socks.
3. Something to protect my boots and feet from wet grass. One idea I had was long trousers.

After some research on the Internet and watching the movie “Tell it on the Mountain” I started to figure out what I wanted. That’s how no 3 went from thin water proof trousers to gaiters. Both Jackalope and Alina used gaiters in the documentary which got me intrigued and did some research. Turned out to be just what I wanted.

After hearing how other people thought Naturkompaniet is expensive I tried to locate other stores. That’s how I found Fjällsport. Thus chauffeur no 1 and I took an evening out into town checking for hiking stuffs. Chauffeur was looking for boots which he found that evening.
But first we went to Fjällsport which was small and more geared toward climbing. They seemed to have a nice variety of clothes so we added it to our future-checking-for-stuff-stores-list. This is where I found a water system I liked; a 3l Platypus with a bite valve. Chauffeur looked at some boots but none were good enough.

Then we went to Naturkompaniet since I wanted gaiters and the only kind Fjällsport had was the big stiff winter type. First I didn’t find any at Naturkompaniet but after asking for a pair the gaiters turned up in a corner by the shoes. Everyone I’ve talked to so far at Naturkompaniet knows what they talk about and you always find what you’re looking for. AS in if they don’t know much about what you’re asking about they get a coworker who does. They also had the kind of socks I wanted so my list was then complete.

After this we had a really nice lowkey dinner and then hit XXL in search of boots. That time Chauffeur finally went home with a pair.

As to the items I bought.
The water system has been used on every hike since the purchase and I’m very happy with it. My small day backpack can’t fit it fully filled but having more than 2,5 l is good enough for me.
My gaiters are loved and get totally dirty on my hikes. They keep out debris and rain but they can’t really help me when my foot disappears into a waterhole or such. Didn’t expect them to be able to handle that either truth to be told. They do their job.
Now the socks. I got blisters from them on my first hike but after adding a thin liner sock underneath everything turned fine. It’s a lot nicer having two sets of good socks to switch between when water gets inside the boots. There is some spot on my boots that are not 100% sealed against water. My suspicion is aiming towards the area where the shoestrings start by the toes but I’m not certain. Have to investigate further.

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