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At around ten on the 27th of July I was dropped off at Äskhult. I know it was a late start but I really wanted to do this hike that day. I thought when setting out that the leg was about 8 km. This proved to be wrong and I still don’t know why I thought it was only 8. The length was actually 13 km but this mistake made the end of the day more interesting.  Anyways, chauffeur no 2 drove me to Äskhult and in order to not forget to give him some papers my phone was very neatly placed on these papers, on the bench in our hallway. Of course I forgot all but I didn’t know that till later.
When chauffeur no 2 dropped me off at Äskhult I went up to the wind shed to start my hike. I try to hike windshed to windshed. If nothing else just for the fun of it. One of the reasons the hike started so late was because it had rained earlier in the morning. It kept raining off and on during the hike. This together with high grass meant hiking through lots of wet grass. Parts of the leg was almost marsh like. Sometimes when it was a little marshy there were footbridges and sometimes when very marshy there were no footbridges. I never really got the hang of this backwardness. Afterwards I read on Kungsbacka kommun there are stretches they contemplate redrawing and I hope this leg contains some of those parts.
Early on in the hike I passed Riksdagsmannagården i Axtorp which was a nice break. There was an information plaque by the road about about Mr Gunnarsson and the house. The trail followed roads for a short stretch and suddenly turned left in between two houses. It felt weird walking between these houses since they were quite close to each other but it turned out alright. This if we don’t think about the marshy terrain coming up.
Otherwise the leg contained less forest walking and more clear cuts than the earlier legs. While I kept finding myself walking over these open areas I found myself missing the long windling forest paths. The clear cuts together with the wet grass and the fact that I was hiking in shorts (cause of the temperature) resulted in drenched socks. Really wet. As in when I stopped for lunch I wrung out my socks and experienced how it feels having water running out of the boots when turning them upside down. Some new experiences just feel plain weird. Some time just before dealing with the wet feet problem I realized my phone had not come along on this hike. That was not planned.
When it came to the phone dilemma I decided in the end to walk as planned. This despite me already suspecting that the leg was longer than 8 km. My legs told me I probably already had walked at least 7 or 8 km which was too long in order for the whole leg to be 8 km. Since I know about Stättared having a hostel and café since before I decided to keep walking. To go to the hostel and ask if I could borrow a phone in order to call either chauffeur no 1 or no 2. Not much else to do then but walk on even if I had dry feet in dry socks in wet boots.
From here on it felt as if the second part of the leg was a lot of walking along power lines going over hills. Up and down and up and down along gravel roads meandering around the power lines which were of course standing in a long clear cut for safety reasons. Lots of exercise for my legs but pretty dull hiking. The gravel was the type I don’t really like to walk on. Sorta squarish hardish gravel, if one can describe it as such. Good for heavy machines I guess but not for a hiker on a nice stroll. At least after a few ups and downs the trail entered once again the forest. This last stretch along roads and through forests were really nice. I found myself in Bauer country once again.
The windshed at Stättared turned out to be both named as Hornsjön and as Stättared. This was right by a small beach overlooking the lake Hornsjön. As usual I took a small break in the windshed but this time wrung my socks again. While trying to decide on how to walk up to the hostel I walked out the lake enjoying the tranquility of the place. The whole reasoning behind contemplating how to walk up to the hostel surfaced because the windshed is a bit away from Stättared. The options I found was to either go back to the nearest road and walk along that or follow the trail a bit further hopefully finding a path to the hostel.
While putting on my first pair of wet socks I suddenly heard a very determined stride coming up behind the windshed. While wondering who would walk like that in the middle of the forest chauffeur no 1 suddenly emerged around the corner exclaiming “There you are!”. Turns out he and chauffeur no 2 decided to start walking from either end of the leg to find me. Why did I forget my phone he asked of course? I still don’t know why. I just did.
Turns out the leg Äskhult to Stättared is 13 km and not 8. It was a leg I got wet during but I was happy to have it behind me. I was also happy that my ride already was there not having to wait around for it after trying to find a phone to borrow. Especially since the café turned out to already have closed when we got there at 5.

Today: 13 km
Total: 43 km

Hallandsleden total: 267 km
Done: 40 km
Left: 227 km

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