Gear part 2

By walking on 2013.09.05 In Gear

After walking Stensjön to Äskhult I once again went looking for a Southwestern hat. This time we decided to visit Naturkompaniet on Östra Hamngatan in Gothenburg. That visit was an eyeopener. So. Much. Hiking. Stuffs. In. One. Spot. Amazing to me. Spent hours just browsing around and of course I found my hat. This time a medium size which sat perfect and in bright red. The color I loved since it makes me visible in the forest to hunters and others easier. The brand is Grundéns and a bit expensive, but it feels like really good quality.

Now after having tried it in a real downpour I can highly recommend it. One of my favourite things about it is that I can fold up the front tip of the brim so I have a better view while walking, if the rain eases up a bit now and then.

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  1. Skuggan wrote:

    En sydväst! Hade med mig en på en fjällvandring i år för att slippa en luva som dämpar ljud och bildar massa svett men blev lite missnöjd tyvärr.

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