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By walking on 2013.08.26 In Gear

While sitting in the car going home after the walk I thought over how it had gone. Everything went really really well but there were a few tweaks I wanted to make to my gear. First I wanted a proper day hiking backpack. My laptop backpack was not space efficient or sitting well on my back. It also felt a bit bulky and short. Second I wanted proper hiking shoes since my Doc Martens are nice but not quiet right for the job. Going up to about middle of lower leg was too high for my liking when hiking. Wanted something ankle height instead and of course more geared towards hiking outdoors. My Doc Martens worked for this first outing since I had rain gear on and I didn’t have to fight swamps or wet grass. Third having my own rain hat would be good even if a nice leather hat from Namibia was a perfect substitute for this outing.

Next day we made a visit to Kungsmässan in Kungsbacka. There we checked out Claes Ohlsson, Stadium and Plussport. Plussport and Stadium had proper hiking backpacks costing lots while Claes Ohlson seemed to have same type of backpacks for a fraction of the cost. Before the visit I’d decided to get simple low cost gear that I can start out with and since I’m only day hiking right now the doesn’t need to be able to withstand a trek across Sarek for instance. Thus the visit ended with me leaving Claes Ohlsson with a new backpack and a sitting pad. The backpack is a blue 30l Åsaklitt that only cost 249 SEK but looked almost better than some of the others we saw for much more. And the pad was a really simple red one for 19 SEK. The sitting pad is a pure luxury item since I had trouble finding somewhere to sit while eating my sandwiches after the rain. Now it doesn’t matter if it rains or just did.

What I didn’t find in my size was a rain hat. The type I wanted was a southwester which proved to be a challenge to find. Apparently women don’t have big heads according to Stadium so large there was actually a tad too small. Guess I got too much stored in the head…. Anyways we went to check out Freeport as well. One store clerk thought a southwester was some type of a vest. Another clerk tipped me of third store which never had had those in stock despite being geared toward outdoor sports. A fourth store only had in child sizes which almost fit better than the Stadium ones (weird). So, no hat on that visit. Bummer.

Next stop was at XXL in Sisjön. Huge store and actually it was my first visit to it. Tons of fun things to check out like a canoe or tents or tons of clothes. It took ages just to get to the (to me) second hiking department since they had simple hiking shoes with the other shoes. Tried on a couple of different pairs and finally settled on a pair of Garmont which were on special 599 SEK. But the store were unfortunately sold out on Southwester and other rain hats. But now I felt good to go on my second leg which was decided to be on Wednesday 3rd of July.

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