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Always been fond of walking. Sometimes I even describe myself as a walker. Why take the car if you can walk? This thought ruled me when I was home with two small children. Walking forty minutes to participate in different parent-kid activities in our village. Some still mention this when we meet. “You were the one who always walked.” That’s me. I just love walking.

Somehow the idea of hiking surfaced. It’s not that suprising really even if my childhood mostly consisted of down-town Stockholm. One start was reading “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed last year. Might not be the best book written but the story caught me. Making me think I can do that too and it showed me that long trails do exist. I found the PCT and the AT through the book.

Walking for several months on one trail mesmerizes me. Just the idea feels so awesome to me but me doing it for real? Nah, don’t think so right now. Got two kids I want to be with as much as possible. So, what could I do to get closer to that dream? Suddenly I remembered there’s trails here in Sweden. That was a true “duh” moment making me feel utterly stupid. Why look further than that? There’s even a trail going near where I live named Hallandsleden.

Thus started my quest for information about this trail. Apparently parts of it are included in both the E1 and the North Sea Trail. Must be lots of information out there then, right? Nupe. Well, I did find a map collection at the local library from 1984 and updated 1992. These maps are the best I’ve found so far. Got that home and felt ready since I now had a map.

How would I walk it though? I decided to walk the 16 main legs before next year. Felt manageable and such a short term goal I might actually go through with it.  Also decided to take it one leg at a time in the beginning. After all I love walking and tempted by longer hikes so starting by day hiking seemed best.

When should I start this? This was at the middle of June and I couldn’t wait to get started. Patience is not one of my best virtues but managed to decide on a date about a week ahead. Seemed like too far away but realized the time for preparation would be good.

But what did I need? A hike partner would be nice and quickly found one. This made me happy and of course I kept talking about the upcoming hike like an old battered recording repeating itself endlessly. While talking it over and over the decision to use what I got was made. Sure, it wasn’t up for scrutinizing by a backpacking magazine but it was good enough.

Gear to be used consisted of my laptop backpack which had a hip belt. My running shoes, cheap rain jacket, odd windbreaker trousers and the maps I borrowed from the library. A driver to pick us up at the end was found a few days ahead of the walk.

Everything was ready to go.  Who knew where this was going to end up and besides it’s just for the fun of walking.





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